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Friday, April 11, 2008

Chapter 11 blues

Just when Kosmo thought bankruptcy filings were reserved for airlines, mortage companies and auto suppliers, along comes the Michigan High School Athletic Association.
The K-Man would love to know in the history of high school athletics if a state organization has ever filed for bankruptcy.
Of course, all this is due to the fact the MHSAA was ordered to pay $7 million in legal fees after the 10-year gender-equity lawsuit that resulted in this past year's season switch.
No, it's not a good thing that the MHSAA is broke and have to pay the price for extending a lawsuit they knew they weren't going to win.
But ultimately, Kosmo isn't sure what effect this will have on high school sports in general.
Sure, maybe some things will be cut and initiatives slowed, but is high school sports just going to stop?
Are they just going to not have football or basketball seasons? It's doubtful. High school sports should still go on, although it's unfortunate the MHSAA is in it's predicament.
Unfortunately, they knew the risks going in with all their appeals, and shouldn't have acted so surprise the gauntlet game down like it did.


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