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Monday, October 26, 2009

Rematch clause

First of all, sorry Kosmo has been lazy about blogging the last few days. Things have been going on at the cave that has required his utmost attention, but the K-Man is back on the blogging stratosphere now.
Looking at the pairings for the state football playoffs, Kosmo couldn't help but notice that Lake Orion and Clarkston drew each other in the first round of the Division 1 state playoffs.
That's too bad.
The teams just played this past Friday in its regular-season finale. Players, coaches, parents, fans and administrators get fired up all year for that game, only to see it essentially rendered meaningless because the teams play a week later on the same field with much bigger stakes on the line.
Kosmo gets geography and points and all that stuff, which is why the Wolves and Dragons are having this rematch.
However, there should be a state tournament rule that says teams that meet in the last week of the regular season can't meet in the first round of the playoffs.
That way, you don't punish the winning team of the first game by forcing them to beat the same team in back-to-back weeks and it doesn't taint the game each circles on their calander all year.


Anonymous Statman24 said...

I agree to a certain extent. While I hate rematches, I would hate it even more to be done your way. Suppose it was #1 vs #4... how would you reseed? #1 vs #3 and #2 vs #4? How's that fair to the #3 seed?

Better thing to do to keep this from happening less frequent is to seed at the Region level. Seed at #1,8 #2,7,,, etc, Then create your districts. Might make for some stinker games early on... but better than repeat games.

October 27, 2009 at 10:32 AM 

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