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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good news already for Lake Orion

Of all the non-county football scores Kosmo observed last week, the one that caught the eye of Kosmo most was Romeo's 17-10 win over Macomb Dakota.
The first thought that came into the K-Man's head was that this could be great news for Lake Orion.
Dakota probably is Macomb County's best Division 1 team, and while a lot has to happen until then, the playoffs could easily feature a matchup between Dakota and Lake Orion.
If the Dragons can get by a dangerous Pontiac team on Friday, there's a good chance they'll go through the regular season unbeaten.
If that happens, then Lake Orion should have more playoff points than Dakota, and if the teams meet in the playoffs, the all important game would be held at Lake Orion instead of Dakota.
But we'll see if that indeed plays out.
— Usually, Kosmo hates writing about sports that aren't in season, but it should be noted there will be some different baseball coaches at county schools come the spring. There are openings at Troy, West Bloomfield and Royal Oak for now. Royal Oak coach Brian Gordon and West Bloomfield coach Pat Watson each became the athletic directors at their schools, so that's why they won't be coaching baseball. Troy head coach Frank DiVito decided to step down after 10 years, but could surface soon at another program.


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