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Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't fret about timing of Brother Rice-Harrison game

Ever since the high school football playoff pairings were announced on Sunday evening, many around the state probably asked the same question when the news came across that state powers Birmingham Brother Rice and Farmington Hills Harrison would meet in the first round of the playoffs.
How can these teams meet so early?
It's a valid question since this definitely is a state-title game matchup right away in the first round.
But as far as Kosmo is concerned, all the fuss really is over nothing.
This is nothing new to have powerhouse teams meet in the first round or second round in matchups that seem more appropriate to take place in the state final.
It's happened all the time on the west side of the state with schools like Lowell, Muskegon and Hudsonville being paired in the same district.
You have to play good teams eventually, and in this case Brother Rice and Harrison will happen to just have their greatest challenge in the first round.
The winner will be a great bet to go all the way to Ford Field and the state finals with the favorable matchups that'll happen in the other rounds.
Yes, it's unfortunate that one of these two powerhouses will be eliminated so early, but it's nothing new and nothing for people to get angry about.
It happens and will continue to happen.
The game will take place on Friday night though and not on Saturday afternoon, which is when Harrison usually likes to play its home playoff games.


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