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Monday, December 13, 2010

Can an outdoor hockey game happen at a high school stadium?

Since it was bitter cold and there was nothing else to do in his cave this weekend, Kosmo decided what better way to pass the time than watch a little TV. OK, so it was a lot.
On Saturday, Kosmo happened to tune in to the outdoor hockey game at Michigan between U-M and Michigan State, which drew a record crowd of over 113,000.
Seeing the game got Kosmo to thinking.
Could a local high school host an outdoor hockey game?
There was an outdoor game last year between Cranbrook and Catholic Central, but that was played at Clark Park in Detroit.
Kosmo is talking about a high school hosting a game at its football field.
There certainly are enough nice football stadiums around here that could host an event like that, and there definitely would be interest.
Of course, the problem would be money.
Someone out there would have to be gracious enough to donate a rink to put in a stadium without having the school pay a dime for it.
Maybe through advertising and tickets sales, a school can pay for the maintenance of it and ultimately make a profit from it.
Honestly, I don't blame athletic directors out there for thinking this is absurd. Those people obviously have way more business sense than Kosmo.
But the K-Man just thought he'd throw the idea out there in case it was something that could ever make sense.


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