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Monday, February 28, 2011

A lesson to be learned from Oxford wrestling

Congratulations to the Oxford wrestling team for an amazing win over defending state champion Novi Detroit Catholic Central in the Division 1 state wrestling final on Saturday. Such an occurrence is the perfect high school sports story of a team that's never won any state title before rallying to oust a perennial athletic powerhouse.
Speaking of which, Kosmo was intrigued to see a quote from Oxford head coach Brad Keeney when he said "We have 14 Oxford kids. We have no recruits. 14 Oxford kids. We won the state title."
Ah yes, the whole lament about how private schools can recruit and it's not fair.
Kosmo doesn't bring this up to fault or blame Keeney, who was understandably so hyped up and in the moment.
His statement was obviously one many associated with athletics at public schools like to take at private school juggernauts such as Catholic Central.
Kosmo never has been a fan of that from public schools. One, public schools with open enrollment have been known to recruit. Two, especially in this down economy, lots of families out there can't afford to send their kids to private schools anyway.
Gee, here's a concept. Instead of griping and moaning about the talent at private schools, how about ACTUALLY WORKING HARD AND BEING DISCIPLINED TO GET TO THAT LEVEL YOURSELF IN ORDER TO BEAT THEM.
Oxford didn't need to gripe and complain, and they never did. They beat Catholic Central fair and square through lots of work, developing youth wrestlers within the community and seizing the moment when it came.
Wow! What a concept. Hard work, discipline, good youth programs and not pouting.
All are traits Oxford showed and why they are deserving champions. The Wildcats provided the formula every other jealous parent or coach of a public school should heed. Nothing is ever impossible, except for those who cry "Woe is me" all the time and expect that to improve their situation.


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