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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prom controversy strikes again

Tis the time for the playoffs in the spring sports season, and with it, comes the usual controversy regarding proms that take place on the same day state tournament games are scheduled.
Last week, Walled Lake Central was missing eight seniors in a district soccer semifinal against Troy because of prom.
And earlier this week, quite a firestorm was caused when Utica Eisenhower vehemently lobbied to have its regional soccer semifinal at Troy Athens on Tuesday moved because its prom was that night.
People clamored to have the game moved up to early afternoon or to Wednesday. Eventually, the game was moved from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m., but since the start of Eisenhower's prom was 7, that still made people at the school upset.
First of all, Kosmo feels for the kids at Eisenhower. None of this was their fault. They were put in a tough position and it's too bad they had to be punished somewhat.
But Kosmo doesn't blame Athens or the MHSAA for not moving the game to Wednesday or up in the day further because the time and date was set well in advance. The school should've taken this into its thinking when it planned prom.
It's actually a great life lesson: Life isn't fair, adverse and unjust things come up, but you have to deal with it.
Think these kids won't deal with similar situations in the real world? You can rest assured the proper response won't be to moan and groan until they get what they want.
That'll lead to a sure firing from a boss, arrest, whatever you want to imagine.
You can't get what you want whenever you want it.
To the credit of the Eisenhower kids, they made the best of an unfortunate situation. They stuck together, played the game, and ended up winning in a shootout.
Oh, and even though they got there late, they probably got to enjoy much of their prom.
They got to experience the best of both worlds, honoring commitment to their team and getting to prom, by handling the adversity how grown adults should.
Hopefully the kids provided a lesson to the parents who grumbled so much.


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