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Monday, September 5, 2011

Real beginning of prep sports year on Tuesday

Yes, Kosmo is aware that two full weeks of the prep football season have been played and that all the other Fall sports have started their respective seasons.
But as far as the K-Man is concerned, the official start of the high school sports season for 2011-12 is on Tuesday.
This is when school officially starts for all public schools around the state, so this is when the athletes get in their routines of going to school and then having practice afterwards.
It's been all athletics so far, but now everyone is going to have to mix in schoolwork.
Good luck to all the teachers who are forced to wake up the students who want to take naps in class.
Kosmo admits he was a bad boy in high school, as using his math and history books as pillows became quite an art form.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
Even though there have been plenty of games, sports will now get in a full routine of playing on certain days of the week and also start playing league games exclusively.
No doubt, the best time of year will only get better now that the kids are in school and routines are set. It should make the sports even more fun


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