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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praising Clarkston

Kosmo has been holed up in his cave in all this chilly Fall weather over the past couple of days, so sorry for ignoring this blog. Anyway, in light of what's taken place at Walled Lake Western, Kosmo has even more admiration for what Clarkston did earlier in this season.
The K-Man agrees wholeheartedly with Keith D., Jason S. and his other spies about how cowardly the Walled Lake School District has acted by choosing to stay silent and not address the hazing incident.
Always nice to see people hiding behind lawyers.
It's amazing the good things that happen to people when their honest. Walled Lake can certainly take a lesson from Clarkston.
The Wolves probably could've hid the fact they used an ineligible player earlier in the season. It had to have been easy since it was "internal." But the Wolves reported the incident and nearly cost themselves a playoff spot as a result.
As it turns out though, Clarkston is doing just fine. The Wolves made the playoffs and have a good shot to host two playoff games, which was thought to happen all along.
Clarkston was rightfully rewarded for its honesty and integrity.
Being honest and accountable and having good things happen? What a concept.


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