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Monday, April 16, 2012

Benefits of new bats

The high school baseball season is only a couple of weeks old, so it still is going to take some time before the effects of the new bat restrictions really come to the forefront.
For those who don't know, bats have been regulated to where the sweet spot has been shortened and they are as close to wood bats as can be for an aluminum bat.
In Kosmo's eyes, this should make the game a lot more exciting.
It'll force kids to better learn fundamentals such as hitting behind a runner and having more situational approaches at the plate rather than just trying to swing for the fences all the time.
Worrying more about hitting line drives should only make hitters better.
Kids will better focus on manufacturing runs through hit and run plays or better baserunning, and they'll also really get the message now of how important defense is.
Not that they didn't know already, but this will really hammer that point home.
It'll also force coaches to become more creative on how they can put pressure on defenses, so the chess matches between coaches should be a lot better.
Yes, sometimes it might not be as exciting seeing so many home runs go over the fence, but it will also make the games better.
- There's also an argument that since bats have been regulated to the point where they are close to wood, that wood bats should just be adopted in general.
Kosmo disagrees. It would be too expensive on athletic departments and kids to replace the bats when they break, unless a bat company would offer a major discount (unlikely). Having durable aluminum bats that are close to wood bats is the best thing.


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