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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blame game for girls basketball

The girls basketball season is officially underway, as many teams opened their 2012-13 campaigns on Tuesday. Kosmo admits he hasn't studied the season as much as he should yet with football just ending, but from the surface, it appears as if this could be a rare down year for an area that's usually up in girls basketball. There appears to be only one Division I college player in the area (Sydney Davis of Lathrup who has signed with Stetson) and other than three-time defending state champion Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes in Class D, doesn't appear like any team has a good chance of making it to East Lansing for the state's final four. Even traditional state power Country Day in Class B might be in store for a rebuilding year by their standards. It's an unusual sight and sad to see, and Kosmo wonders what is causing it. Is it the season change, which after five years, is really having a negative impact on girls basketball since it was moved from fall to winter? Is it AAU ball, which isn't teaching girls the proper fundamentals because they're simply emphasizing games and scholarships based on raw talent? Or is all this just panic on Kosmo's end and it's just cyclical, meaning it's just a matter of time before great players and teams return to the county? Kosmo doesn't know what's the cause, but if this girls basketball season turns out to be as down this winter as the forecast says, there will be even more incentive to find out.


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