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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sad demise of a traditionally great program

It's almost Valentine's Day, but right now, Kosmo's heart is breaking. No, it's not because Mrs. Koz is demanding too much for Valentine's Day or is ripping his forecasts every day (although she sometimes has reason to, ha-ha), but instead Kosmo's heart is bleeding because it appears the glory days of a once proud basketball city are over. What has happened to Pontiac basketball? Yes, the new Academy For Excellence is enjoying a nice season, but Kosmo can't believe what's going with with Pontiac High at the moment. The Phoenix are struggling, having only won one game in OAA Red play and losing games even at home. North Farmington is a good team every year, but to be down by almost 30 points at home to the Raiders? That is something Kosmo thought he would never see around Pontiac. The biggest culprit is that the school district is losing enrollment like crazy, so there's less talent in the pool to draw from. Still, Kosmo thought there was so much depth in the city that even that wouldn't hinder Pontiac from being a good team each year. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case and Kosmo is worried that good basketball in the city of Pontiac could be permanently extinct. If that happens, than Kosmo would really be heartbroken.


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