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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Putting capper on James Young's career

Tuesday sadly not only marked the end of a great run for Rochester during the boys basketball tournament, but also the high school career of James Young, one of the more acclaimed players to play in Oakland County. First of all, Young is a great kid and a talented player and Kosmo wishes him nothing but the best at Kentucky. A few other observations about Young though: - He's not Shane Battier or Chris Webber. Kosmo remembers those players well. To say Young is destined for the NBA right now is premature. Webber and Battier were way ahead of where Young is at the same age, and that speaks more for how special Webber and Battier were and not a slight on Young at all. Kosmo isn't fully convinced Young is better than Paul Davis, Dane Fife or Kalin Lucas, and only Davis ended up playing in the NBA at some point. It doesn't mean Young won't be as good one day, but it's hard to tell now. - Hopefully Young doesn't get caught in the shuffle at Kentucky, so to speak. The Wildcats have five McDonald's All-Americans coming into the fold next year. How will Young respond to a situation where he won't by far and away be the most talented player on the court all the time? - If Young had signed with Michigan State and not Kentucky, he would've won Mr. Basketball. Kosmo is convinced of that. - Kosmo is a little concerned that Young wasn't able to take over in games when he needed to. The fourth quarter against Southeastern on Tuesday sounded like it should've been a time where he put the Falcons on his back and said "We're not losing," but he couldn't do it. Give credit to Southeastern's defense, but if Young is that unstoppable, great defense wouldn't have mattered. - Kosmo is also a little worried about the hoopla surrounding Young, which might not be any fault of his, Kosmo really doesn't know. What he does know according to his spies is that people have been wearing James Young Kentucky bound t-shirts with his autograph on it and treating him like he's some sort of Messiah. He's a high school senior and a young adult, not the savior of the basketball world who'll solve world hunger as a result. It's simply not fair for people to treat him as anything but a human being who has a lot of potential as a basketball player and man. - The sky is the limit for Young at Kentucky if he wants it bad enough. If he works on his jumper relentlessly and improves his defense, he could be one of the better players on the Wildcats despite all the talent.


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