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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The drawback to college bound players

Kosmo is starting to look ahead to the second round of the playoffs this weekend but he still can't help but look back at one result from last week's first round. The K-Man is just as shocked as anyone that Seaholm beat Southfield despite the fact Southfield had about 12 future college players and Seaholm probably has none, but while tons of credit has to be given to Seaholm's players and coaches, it goes to show once again that having college-bound players can be a problem for any high school team regardless of the sport. Once players get those scholarship offers and accept, it is so easy to just simply be done with high school. Motivation to not get seriously injured can take over a player so much to where they can't wait for the high school season to be over. By then also, dreams of dorm rooms, getting out on their own and playing on a bigger stage is all that consumes players, not playing for their high school student bodies. Kosmo isn't sure this is the exact reason Southfield lost, but he wouldn't be surprised if it played a major role.


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