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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time for a new field

Not that Kosmo is much of a high school baseball expert, but rumor has it that Birmingham Detroit Country Day head coach Frank Orlando has won over 700 games and the 1995 Class B state championship.
The K-Man can't imagine there are many coaches in many sports with those credentials, and he can't imagine there are many coaches with those credentials who now don't have a home field to play on.
Kosmo has been told that about a month ago, Country Day started construction on a new middle school gym. That's great. It should be a nice addition to an already beautiful campus.
The only problem is that tore up the baseball field so they could build the gym there, the same one where so many great Country Day baseball players have played on since Orlando took over in 1981.
Given that, Kosmo has this message for Country Day administors: Get Orlando a new field as soon as possible. No team should have to play all road games, particularly in baseball, where there's no bigger advantage to being the home team.
Progress is good, but not at the expense of making life more difficult for a group of players in what is becoming a rising sport again among youth.
With all Mr. Orlando has done for your school on the field and in girls basketball, you owe it to him to make sure there's a new field in place by next year.
Otherwise, all the progress made with the construction of a new gym will be a wash with all it's taking away.


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