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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A salute to special coaches

Reading the Oakland Press on Friday, Kosmo noticed that Rochester girls basketball coach Jeff Haney resigned to spend more time with his family. Haney isn't the first fine coach to do this in Oakland County over the last year. Milford head football coach Pat Fox and Lake Orion boys basketball coach Jim Manzo were two others who stepped down from their positions for the same reason, to spend time with family/their younger children. For this, Kosmo fells all three and others who have done so should be applauded. As sad as it is to see great coaches leave, that's a great lesson to teach. Family comes first, even if it means sacrificing something you love doing. When each decides to return to coaching, those kids will have great role models to look up to, more so than ever, as a result of those selfless acts.


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