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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soccer city championship night

Even though Kosmo is out in his cave somewhere in Northern Oakland County, he can hear all the trash talking from miles away already as Tuesday evening arrives. That's because there has to be a lot of smack coming from Pontiac, Rochester, Walled Lake and Farmington Hills with all the soccer rivalries taking place on Tuesday. Whether it's football, basketball, soccer, tiddly winks, whatever, there's a special buzz about city rivalries, and that should be the case on Tuesday. It's rare when so many rivalry games are showcased on one night, but there are plenty tonight with Rochester playing Stoney Creek, Pontiac Northern playing Pontiac Central, Walled Lake Northern playing Walled Lake Western and Farmington playing Farmington Hills Harrison.
Along with a horde of volleyball games, this is just the kind of night that spices up the excitement during a week until football games on Friday. Enjoy these games, read the results in Wednesday's Oakland Press and hopefully there's even more good-natured trash talking afterwards.


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