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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Worst part about baseball season

Reading a copy of the OP from his cave on Sunday, Kosmo couldn't help but notice that Lake Orion, ranked 25th in the nation by "USA Today" and No. 1 in the state, suffered its first loss of the season to Novi in the second game of a doubleheader.
Here's Kosmo's response to that: Big deal, especially since it happened on a Saturday.
If there's one bad part about the high school baseball season, and there aren't many, it's how teams drop in rankings based on losses on Saturday.
There probably is no more meaningless day during the week for baseball teams than Saturday. Unless you're in the Catholic League, there are RARELY any league games played on Saturdays. It's just tournaments and doubleheaders, meaning teams throw their No. 5, No. 6 or heck, even No. 20 pitcher in those games in order to save their best pitchers for league play during the week.
Yet, when teams lose on Saturdays, they drop and people naturally assume the sky is falling. That unfortunately could happen to Lake Orion, which will be better off in the long run for losing a game, by the way.
You think the result might have been different had Josh Deeg of Connor Mielock faced a potent Novi lineup instead of guys they were just trying to give some innings to?
Koz sure thinks so, but oh well. As coaches say in every sport, the only rankings that matter are the ones at the end of the season.


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