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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hockey already?

Sure the football semifinals, the volleyball state finals and the girls swim finals are upon us this weekend, but before he addresses those subjects later this week on this blog, Kosmo needs to point out that the first winter sport will actually start games this week.
Believe it or not, hockey teams could officially start playing games on Monday. I suppose Kosmo should've seen it coming with all the snow falling around his cave this weekend, but it's still hard to believe pucks will be dropped for game action already this week.
As far as prep seasons go, hockey just seems to be the longest. It might not necessarily be, but it just seems that way since teams are allowed to play 25 games and the season of games, not necesarrily official practices, lasts all the way until early March, nearly four months. Pretty soon, the Oakland Press will come out with its hockey preview, so stay tuned for that and get ready for a full winter's worth of hockey scores.


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