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Monday, June 8, 2009

A cramped weeks needs tweaking

Well, it's officially the last week of the 2008-09 preps sports season with the quarterfinals, semifinal and finals for baseball and softball teams and the semifinals and finals for girls soccer teams taking place this week.
As far as the baseball teams go, Kosmo doesn't like what they have to go through this week.
For some reason, there's a whole week off between district and regional rounds of the state tournament, which is too much time.
Yet, teams that win two games in regionals to advance to the quarterfinals have to turn around and play quarterfinal games on Tuesday.
That's barely any time to rest for starting pitchers, which means the quality of baseball has to suffer.
Teams are forced to use multiple pitchers to get through the quarterfinals.
Wouldn't be better if teams had ample rest so they could throw their best pitchers on Tuesday, then have them available again for Friday's semifinals and Saturday's final should they get that far?
In terms of a solution, Kosmo has an idea. Play the regional games on Thursday. And don't give me this baloney about it being a school day. Other sports teams such as golf and tennis teams get to miss some days of school during the year, so having the non-seniors miss a day of school isn't the end of the world. Play the games on Thursday, and that way you have five days off to gear up for the quarterfinals and not risking pitchers throwing on two days rest twice in a week. If you don't like the Thursday idea, play the regional semifinals on Friday and the finals on Saturday.


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