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Friday, May 15, 2009

Rising from the ashes

So far so good as it relates to the merger of Pontiac Central and Pontiac Northern. The new Pontiac High School has a qualified football coach in place, Greg Ganfield, and has a nickname that does honor the city's past, the Phoenix.
Kosmo isn't sure about the colors of purple and white, but there could be worse. Namely pink or teal.
Anyway, the real test for Pontiac will come when the school year starts. That's when we'll find out how quickly students can forget the past.
Students in the city have been known to dislike the other school no matter what the reason is, so asking them to become friends will be a difficult task right away at the new high school.
The sooner kids rise up and learn to like each other, the chemistry both on the football field and the basketball court should match what should be increased talent.
If kids still hold grudges, then there could be problems. It'll be interesting to see.


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