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Monday, November 2, 2009

Good format for volleyball

Today marks the start of the state volleyball tournament, and Kosmo has been glancing at the district pairings with keen interest.
Not necessarily because of some potential great games that could happen (Kosmo is intrigued by that though), but rather the timing of the games.
It used to be that volleyball districts would take place on one night. Teams would play semifinal games and then turn around and play district final games right after.
There are some districts like that, but there are others that play the district finals on separate nights, which Kosmo likes. It gets both teams rested so they can play their best match the following day or two days later. It also makes it easier for parents and other supporters who might not be able to make it on one night, but can make other games during the week. It just seems like it keeps kids sharper playing on multiple days throughout the week instead of one, another reason Kosmo likes seeing the games spread out.


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