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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

AAU aftermath

Sitting in his air-conditioned cave over the weekend, Kosmo was reading up on all the great, in-depth articles on AAU sports drummed up by his spies and fellow colleagues at the Oakland Press.
It certainly brought up many great issues surrounding AAU sports and how they're impacting high school athletes and their families.
As for as Kosmo is concerned, AAU brings mixed feelings.
In their purest form, AAU/travel sports are great. They help athletes get more opportunities to develop skills and increase their competitiveness, which in turn helps them during their high school seasons. For that matter, it helps them in life as a whole.
But as people correctly pointed out, coaches of AAU/travel sports and parents can ruin the whole experience.
If those people are just acting as agents for their kids to college coaches or just looking for the next shoe deal or something, it can get a little dangerous for the kids.
It becomes about me, me, me and money, money, money, which obviously isn't the purest form of high school athletics.
Kosmo is concerned going forward that more people will turn to AAU/travel sports, especially hockey players.
With pay to play costs going up every year, more and more probably will figure that playing AAU/travel sports is worth the investment, particularly since high school sports aren't a cheap option, either.


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