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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mergers will hurt

While eating breakfast in his cave on Friday, Kosmo noticed a fine article by spy Paul Kampe on the swimming rivalry between Bloomfield Hills Andover and Bloomfield Hills Lahser.
The thing that struck Kosmo the most was something that he suspected and feared, that Andover and Lahser will be merging into one high school in a couple of years.
This continues an unfortunate trend, one that's obviously a byproduct of the horrible economy.
In the past four years, the two high schools in Royal Oak and Pontiac have merged, and in addition to Bloomfield Hills, it's likely that Southfield and Southfield-Lathrup will merge into one high school in the next couple of years.
Kosmo understands the motive of school districts for doing so in these tough times, and realize they might not have any other choice.
Still, merging schools hurts in multiple ways.
First and foremost, teachers and other staff members lose jobs. It also takes away roster spots on athletic teams because there are obviously fewer spots available and more competition.
So what do kids do when they can't play sports?
Kosmo hopes they take up some other extracurricular activity, because he shudders to think what they'll do with their free time if they don't do anything after school as a result of being cut from an athletic team.
Coaches will also lose jobs and opportunities to mentor kids, and parents will have to take on more responsibility to ensure their kids learn the life lessons sports offer.
Merging schools might be a necessary and financially prudent option one for many districts, but it has and will continue to have its prices.


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