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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something not right at Oakland Christian

First of all, Kosmo wants to give well-deserved praise to longtime Auburn Hills Oakland Christian girls basketball coach Ed Mehlberg, who resigned last month after 23 successful years. He not only led the Lancers to a Class D state title in 1992, but molded countless kids into productive members of society.
Mehlberg was truly a legend in Kosmo's eyes, which is why the K-Man is kind of disgusted about what's taken place with the Oakland Christian girls basketball program.
The Lancers, always one of the state's best small-school programs, won't have a varsity team this year due to a lack of participation. There will be a JV team of freshman and sophomores.
Make no mistake about it, something here stinks. Of course, nobody at the school is in position to say so, which is understandable.
But none of this makes sense. Apparently, two of the team's best players decided to transfer during the summer thinking there were greener pastures elsewhere. Boy, what a great life lesson that is for kids.
When something isn't totally catered to you, then whine and quit and run away. I'm sure that philosophy will work in the real world for those individuals some day.
Yeah, forget just being humble and working harder without complaint. Supposedly that NEVER works (note sarcasm).
I guess those kids or their parents didn't notice the 20-plus years of Mehlberg impacting the lives of kids. Just ask all the countless alumns and former players who keep in touch with him.
Worse, it sounds like the administration sided with the whiny parents and players, not the coach who has been a fixture in the school and community for so long.
How can you not have a varsity team? What's Amber Alexander, a top senior player on the team, going to do now?
She's being punished for other kids and their parents deciding to essentially quit.
Alexander and other underclassmen can at least form a team and compete, but won't get the chance because of a few bad apples.
Yes, it would be difficult for freshman and sophomores to compete against juniors and seniors on other varsity teams, but think how much better those youngsters will be in a year or two competing against more mature players?
Instead, the administration is worried about fragile confidence for the underclassmen.
Forget the fact that a prominent senior has nowhere to play, a longtime coach has resigned and quitters have been rewarded knowing they're bigger than the program, because them leaving ended the program.
Kosmo guesses the school doesn't mind promoting these "life lessons." As long as confidence isn't shattered and a possible power struggle is won, it's OK.
The fact that these administrators call themselves educators for promoting this environment is unfathomable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me. You have no idea what was going on or why the kids left. Your facts are even wrong on when they left. Oakland Christian knew about the girls departure early (one in March and one in May)and chose not to work or even have one camp for the girls left and do you know why? No you dont so do your home work.

November 14, 2010 at 5:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your are really wrong. I know the Cottrell kid and she was looking at several schools back in April because from what she said "no ones coming back to play next year except for Amber and me and I need to play basketball" Shame on OCS for not even having a girls summer basketball program (like in years past) to try to pull a team together. Cottrell even help with the AD's (Hopkins) OCS summer youth program after she had told them she was going to Lakes. I also know that Cottrell and Alexander played AAU together this summer and are still great friends. More info.. She just didn't go anywhere. Lakes is a lot closer to her home, her aunt teaches there and her cousins go there (Cottrell's and Erznoznik's). One thing YOU got right..... Something not right at Oakland Christian

November 17, 2010 at 11:14 AM 
Blogger C said...

A. Alexander is NO SAINT in this mess!!!

December 3, 2010 at 7:14 AM 

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