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Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday action a great idea

It's the final week of 2010, and despite the fact that school's are on holiday break until next week, some high school sports teams are not on break and are playing games this week.
Some may not like that because they wonder why kids don't get a break at all. But to Kosmo, all these holiday tournaments are terrific.
Kids have enough down time during the break to where they can enjoy things. A couple of hours of practice or a game or two gets them out of the house and helps keep them out of trouble.
It also keeps their games sharp instead of going two weeks without practicing or playing in games. When those teams come back next week, they'll be way more in sync than those who don't play.
Finally, all the holiday tournaments are a good idea to help alleviate the scheduling crunch during the winter sports season created when girls basketball moved to winter a few years ago.
Gym space is hard to come by as it is during the season. Playing a game or two over the holidays means less games to worry about when school is in session and thus opens up some gym space on a night or two.
So for those who wonder why kids don't get a break when they still play sports over a holiday break from school, Kosmo says there are many more plusses than there are minuses.


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