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Friday, January 28, 2011

Big win for Seaholm swimming

Kosmo has never professed to be an expert on the subject of boys swimming, but he was in intrigued by a box score he saw in the paper on Friday morning.
Birmingham Seaholm and Birmingham Groves, two annual powerhouses not only in the county, but in the entire state, had a classic dual meet on Thursday night.
The meet came down to the wire and eventually was won narrowly by Seaholm, 94-92.
Congrats certainly go out to the Maples for beating their rivals, although this will likely be the beginning of the battles between the two.
Next Saturday is the annual county meet at Lake Orion, and it's a good possibility the teams will be the favorites there.
Then comes the Division 2 state meet in March. Hopefully the battles are just as good as the one waged on Thursday.
Sounded like a lot of fun for all.
- Kosmo would like to extend an apology to the fine folks at Milford. Evidently, the basketball games for the Mavs haven't been listed in the newspaper, and thus Kosmo hasn't forecasted any games. Our bad, and we'll be sure to fix it and start predicting games for the Mavericks.


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