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Monday, January 10, 2011

Educators aren't educators when they let parents win

Over the weekend, Kosmo read another report on the Internet of what happens when school administrators let a few whiny parents have their way, even if it's at the expense of so many.
While not a story involving an Oakland County team, Kosmo was still interested to read up that Grosse Pointe South football coach Tim Brandon was temporarily fired from his job.
This after he led South to the Division 2 state semifinals, has doubled the number of players in his program and is well-liked in the community.
So why was he fired in the first place? Because of a few parents who happen to be wealthy and have some influence.
These parents are obviously out for themselves and have no consideration for other kids or parents within the program, and they obviously didn't like how their kids were being coached (aka weren't given playing time).
They complained to the principal, who supported Brandon. They then went over the AD's head to the assistant superintendent, who fired Brandon.
Fortunately, Brandon had his job quickly restored back to him after the principal, assistant principal, athletic director and other community members backed Brandon.
A similar parent uprising occurred over the summer at Auburn Hills Oakland Christian, and as a result, longtime coach Ed Mehlberg resigned and the Lancers don't have a varsity girls basketball team this year.
It's amazing to Kosmo that administrators can act like this. They try to teach kids morals and values and how to be a good citizen, then reward parents who feel the best way to get better or what they want is not to work for it, but to complain like a little toddler until they get their way.
Instead of promoting an atmosphere of hard work, honesty, integrity and unselfishness, they're promoting corruption, greed and every person for themselves.
Educators like this should not be called educators.


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