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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wrong move by Clarkston-Lathrup

Since the season switch that moved girls basketball alongside boys basketball in the winter a few years ago, there have been some unwritten rules regarding scheduling of girls and boys games, particularly during the week that girls district game are held and the last week of the boys regular season is held.
The MHSAA specifically designed all girls district games to take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week so the boys can play Tuesday at Thursday.
All of which makes what Clarkston and Southfield-Lathrup have done downright shameful. The OAA set aside Thursday to be the last night of the regular season for boys teams, but instead of following that and letting the girls play their district finals without any fan competition, Clarkston and Lathrup scheduled their boys regular-season finale for Friday.
That is a terrible decision and administration at both schools should be ripped to shreds.
Pontiac and North Farmington are doing the same thing, but Kosmo can somewhat excuse that because the girls teams were eliminated from the state tournament this week, which takes the competition element out of it. Those two might have re-scheduled based on that.
The same can't be said for Clarkston and Lathrup. Both of the girls teams at the school are playing for district titles on Friday. But instead of honoring that, the two decide to play their boys game on Friday and make some fans at each school choose which game to go to.
The boys players and their parents might have been their for support, but they can't now because they have to play a game.
Not only that, but instead of maybe playing a 4 p.m. JV game and a 5:30 varsity game to give enough time to go check out the final half of the girls playoff game, Lathrup and Clarkston decide to play a 7 p.m. game.
It's wrong on so many levels and those who planned and OK'd this fiasco should be ashamed of themselves.


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