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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pitching will be at more of a premium

Another week, and yet another batch of canceled sporting events in the high school sports season.
At this point, teams can pretty much forget about having practices now. Once May arrives, it'll likely be all games/meets due to all the canceled events that'll have to be made up in May.
Of all the sports, Kosmo is most interested to see how this affects baseball teams in the area.
Without question, this will make the teams that have depth in their pitching staffs even harder to beat.
With so many games, teams might have to use 6-10 pitchers a week, so those that already have that amount of good pitchers will be OK.
Those that don't will have to develop them faster than they'd like. If that means bringing up more kids from JV or freshman teams to throw them into the fire, then so be it.
Arms are going to have to saved and preserved for the playoffs, so the fast development of younger pitchers is going to be essential.
- Kosmo wants to wish the best to Southfield volleyball coach Alisha Love, who stepped down as coach recently. She did a nice job putting a school not known for volleyball on the map, and hopefully she'll have fun watching her daughter, Amanda, play in college. Amanda Love was a standout on the varsity team the last four years.


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