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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kosmo's two cents on Oxford golf

The Division 1 state golf tournament starts on Friday at Oakland University, and Oxford will be one of the Oakland County participants in the field.
The K-Man knows that Oxford has had to deal with a lot lately with the controversy surrounding one if its players that allegedly erased scores on a scorecard in the district tournament.
Kosmo admits he doesn't know all that's going on other than what he's read. Based on that, here is what your seer thinks about the issue.
If there is more to the story and the kid didn't cheat, then somebody from Oxford Schools needs to come forward and say what really happened. It's very possible there was a misunderstanding and the kid didn't do anything wrong.
However, the company line being toed by the school district at Oxford is evidence that he did, unfortunately.
Not talking about it and hiding under the line of "It was the MHSAA's ruling and that's all there is to it" is a cop-out. If the kid is innocent, somebody come forward and explain why.
Otherwise, it's one of those matters of being guilty by silence.
Not revealing what was said in its letter to the MHSAA is a poor move by Oxford.
School districts are public entities, not private ones, and you bet it's the public's business when something like this comes up.
If the kid did cheat, than Oxford should've immediately pulled out of the state tournament.
Period. End of story.
It only makes what's otherwise a terrific and model Oxford community look worse and it can't be much fun for the team to compete at the state tournament with such a microscope under them.
That can't be enjoyable at all.


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