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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why retire?

Kosmo knows it's been a few weeks since his spies produced the annual high school football preview section, but he wants to address something as it relates to the cover story on the four winningest coaches in state history, Al Fracassa, John Herrington, Mike Boyd and Tom Mach.
All are still going strong despite being in coaching since the 70's, and Kosmo hopes this is a message for those who actually feel these men should hang it up just based on age.
That's simply an absurd notion for those who feel that way. Not only are these and other coaches who have been around a long time legendary, but they haven't lost their touch just because they've gotten older.
They are as sharp as ever and more importantly, have held on to their old-school values in dealing with kids and parents.
You think that's not important in this day and age of pushy parents, recruiting services and "You Tube" wannabes?
Coaching high school kids actually keeps these men sharp. They haven't lost anything in terms of brainpower or desire.
Besides, what are they supposed to do if they retire? Golf for 8 hours a day? Sit around the couch? Do chores around the house and rarely ever get out? Get fed via a spoon by another while sitting in a chair?
Kosmo is obviously joking about that last point, but people who actually think these men should retire need to get a brain.
They've won all the games they have for a reason, and they'll continue to win. Greatness like this should be embraced, treasured and held on for as long as possible.
It shouldn't lead to "why don't they retire?" questions just on the account because they're older than they used to be.


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