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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hazing scandal gettng uglier

On Thursday night in his cave in northern Oakland County, Kosmo watched the livestream of the Walled Lake Consolidated Schools board of education meeting, where many people attended to speak about the hazing incident involving the Walled Lake Western football team.
Many spoke in support of assistant coach Bill Brenner, who hosted the team function at the which the hazing of the player occurred. The player was taped to a pole with his mouth taped shut and reportedly struck.
Anyway, Kosmo didn't have a problem with the way the people supported Coach Brenner. He has had a big impact in the community as a teacher and coach and one mistake or oversight at a team dinner should not overshadow that.
Here is what was sickening though.
Not ONE person came to the podium to speak on behalf of the victim. Not one person acknowledged that the most important thing here is to ensure the victim's well-being and that he could lead a normal life.
One person talked about how his son gave the victim rides and tried to be nice to him, but that all of that stopped after a while and he told his father "Dad, this is hard to do?"
Maybe that kid should've imagined what it was like to walk the halls of the school in the victim's shoes.
The concern for the victim was an afterthought among the people who attended. Couldn't one have come up and said "We're going to try all we can do to help the victim through this process?"
It was SOLELY about Coach Brenner and it was all about how this has affected the team.
Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.


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