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Friday, January 13, 2012

Different type of bonding needed

Another day, another hazing scandal that rocks the high school sporting world. This time it's in Howell, where hockey coach Randy Montrose and his staff were fired for what Howell's school district called a hazing incident on a trip to Marquette last week.
The team supposedly had a runway show where players wore women's undergarments.
From what Kosmo has heard, this runway show actually occurs every year when Howell goes up to Marquette. Parents might very well be in attendance and know about this each year as a way to have fun and bond with the team.
For some reason, this year's incident was reported has hazing (did a player not get enough playing time and he and their parents thought this was the way to exact revenge on the coach by reporting to the school board?).
Regardless of what happened, Kosmo doesn't get how this is team bonding. Ditto for the whole brouhaha at Walled Lake Western a few months ago.
Whatever happened to movies, dinners, or card games (those that don't involve gambling money)as a means to have players get to know one another better?
Heck, have zip line sessions when the weather is nice out or weekend trips to an indoor or outdoor water park, depending on the time of year.
How about backyard cookouts with games and food?
It just seems curious to Kosmo why things such as runway shows or tying a kid to a pole or the things teams use to create team chemistry and bonding.
As evidence by what's taken place, those things tend to get everyone involved in big trouble.


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