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Friday, December 16, 2011

Resurrecting gym at Pontiac Central

It's basketball season once again, which means Kosmo once again gets to read up on games that take place Pontiac's legendary Sy Green gymnasium. Other than Country Day's gym, there is no other gym that's as big of a mecca for high school basketball.
Actually, Kosmo takes that back.
There is another, but it is sitting idle when games possibly could still be taking place in it.
The fabled gym at Pontiac Central has stood empty for three years since the school closed, as the old court and stands are essentially collecting dust.
Since nobody is using it, why not hold some games there? Kosmo isn't saying Pontiac should play all home games there, but a two, three or four a year would probably be a neat thing.
Who in the city wouldn't want to go back and watch a game in that gym?
And especially with boys and girls basketball in the same season, using Central's old gym every once in a while would definitely helped the cramped facilities issue with three boys teams and three girls teams in need of gym time/space.
Kosmo doesn't care if other parts of the building are in shambles and locked up. Just open up the gym and welcome back a great piece of tradition for all who remember it so well.


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