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Thursday, February 2, 2012

True meaning of signing day

Reading through the paper and online today, Kosmo could see all the smiling faces of high school athletes all across the county over signing day on Wednesday. It indeed is a reason to celebrate when getting a chance to play a sport in college and to get some scholarship money to boot.
Kosmo is just here to give a little pep talk to those who signed.
When you sign on that dotted line, it's the start of an era, not the end of one. Don't just merely settle for realizing your dream of playing in college and getting some scholarship money. Once there, work to be a great athlete and student.
So often Kosmo has seen players sign, only to transfer out a year or two later because they had a spat with the coach or were horrified to learn that, gasp, all their other teammates are EXACTLY like them in that they were highly acclaimed high school athletes.
Coaches aren't there to serve and cater to you and there are other talented players on the team now that are used to doing things well, just like you.
Signing on that dotted line means that you're even more committed to becoming better every day, because it's going to get even more challenging at the next level.
That's the true meaning of signing day, and hopefully those who were able to partake in ceremonies on Wednesday will remember that.
There, pep talk over.


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