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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sad demise of Pontiac track

If Kosmo had a time machine, one thing he'd do would be to go back in time to a spring sometime in the 1990's just to see an old track meet involving Pontiac Northern or Pontiac Central.
Talk about your poetry in motion on the track.
There certainly weren't more fun and faster runners to watch than at the Pontiac schools during that time period, as both Northern and Central had the ability to turn high school meets into a version of the Olympic trials with how they ran and jumped.
It peaked in 1997, when Northern and Central finished 1-2 at the Class A state finals, and it seemed like there was no way the good times would end with how many speedsters and jumpers the city churned out.
Sadly, it appears they have.
With one combined school now, Pontiac is the fourth division of the OAA and its glory days appear to indeed be a thing of the past, which breaks the heart of Kosmo like you wouldn't believe.
Of course, the current kids and coaches are running and coaching their hearts out and giving it all they've got.
But whether it's because of families moving out of the district, the fact there's less opportunities to play sports with the closing of so many community centers and summer sports programs, or the fact so many legendary coaching figures in the community have retired, there just isn't the talent now there used to be.
Please, someone build Kosmo that time machine.


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