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Friday, July 6, 2012

A modest baseball proposal to consider

It's a Friday in July and before Kosmo starts turning his attention to football season, he does want to bring up a high school baseball topic that could be interesting. Mind you, Kosmo is no business telling people what to do, especially what are some of the best coaches in the state. But here's just a suggestion or a bug to put in someone's ear at two local powerhouse programs for 2013. As many know, after decades of playing at St. James Field in Birmingham, the Brother Rice baseball program will be getting its own field in Troy. It's supposed to be an immaculate facility with turf field and grandstands, a championship stadium for a championship program. Of course, Brother Rice will now get to play many more home games in the non-league season and are probably about to line up the teams it'll play in the non-league portion of its schedule at Warrior Field. Well, Kosmo knows the perfect opponent for the first ever game at Warrior Field, whenever it is. It's going to be a special and historic occasion, so why not make it even more so by scheduling an opponent that's within Oakland County, and like Brother Rice, has won a state championship within the last five years and is a power just about every year. Yes, Kosmo feels the first game at Warrior Field should be between Brother Rice and Lake Orion. Of course, Kosmo is aware that these teams haven't faced each other in the regular season in a long, long time. Both have lots of programs around the state that want to play them, and there are only so many non-league games in a season to schedule. Still, for some reason these teams haven't scheduled to play each other, but what better time to end years of not playing each other than next season. Both are usually good each year, but next year both the Dragons and Warriors are going to be GREAT. Each team returns most of its roster and has multiple players that'll be playing Division I college baseball. They'll be two bona fide top-5 teams in the state. How does a starting pitching matchup of Nick Deeg vs. Matt Ruppenthal sound to break in a first-class facility? And in addition, what better way to break in such a great complex at Warrior Field than to have a matchup that could easily also take place in Battle Creek a couple months later? Again, coaches and administrators at both schools are among the best in the state and Kosmo has no business telling them what to do. This is just a mere suggestion of something that not only he would like to see happen, but so would those who follow high school baseball around the county and the state. There can't be a better way to open Warrior Field.


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