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Friday, August 17, 2012

No more rivalry week

Kosmo has just finished reading an interesting story from main spy Keith D. on regarding the traditional rivalry week, which has been Week 9 of the regular season. The K-Man agrees that it has been just about done away with over the years, and it is strange not seeing rivals play in Week 9, as was the case for so many years. No doubt, Kosmo has plenty of great memories of city rivalries taking place on Week 9 and does miss it somewhat. However, it is time to move into the 21st Century and not worry about rivalry games being played solely in Week 9. Michigan and Ohio State fans will probably disagree, but the best tradition isn't playing what USED to be the most important game of the regular season, but what IS the most important game. If that means the opponent is your chief rival, then great. But if not, end the regular season playing the most meaningful game possible before the playoffs. Hypothetically, wouldn't people like to see a Clarkston-Farmington Hills Harrison game to end the year or a Lake Orion-Adams one? Granted, as Kosmo wrote earlier this week, those teams should be in the same league anyway. But since they're not, this is the way to go about things. Forget rivalry week. Week 9 of the regular season should be "most meaningful games as it pertains to standings or league the championships" week.


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