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Monday, August 20, 2012

Weighing in on Oxford blue turf issue

Kosmo was a little hesitant to speak about the controversy surrounding the navy blue turf at Oxford and the families that put their homes up as collateral to pay for it, but now the K-Man feels obliged to share his two cents. As the deadline approaches for the families to come up $300,000 or face losing their homes to foreclosure, Kosmo actually wants to applaud those families in a way. Before going on, Kosmo also understands those who feel it was a very stupid thing for those families to do and want no part of bailing them out. Kosmo doesn't feel people should have to do that. However, let's think about this for a minute. How many times have families put their homes as collateral or cashed out 401 K's for things they don't need? For example, what about families who take equity out of their home because they "need" an SUV instead of a small car or "need" a vacation to Hawaii? Families are never criticized for taking money out of their homes to pay for kids college expenses, and while on a smaller scale, that's somewhat what these families were doing. This was a sacrifice for the good of kids and the community, not a selfish act. Maybe having a navy blue turf seems like an unnecessary thing, but think about all the kids that will be playing on it and enjoying it. What if there are kids that get into athletics as a result of wanting to be on the field, and then it starts something big for that kid and his or her family, like an eventual college scholarship (just think of what the savings would do for that family) in a sport or maybe even the one in a million chance of a professional career? Yes, that's very farfetched, but a one in a million chance is better than zero if a sacrifice wasn't made to get kids excited about playing sports. At the very least, it could get kids away from video games and into sports, which have the power to teach life lessons that make individuals successful in any facet or occupation of life. Sure, people are probably saying that kids can get into sports regardless of whether there's a blue turf or not, and that's true. But like it or not, there's something about a different and exciting element like a blue turf that tends to get kids more excited than a regular grass field. Again, Kosmo doesn't blame people for saying how stupid the families were and for not wanting to bail them out. But just think of the sacrifice made for the kids and the community and all the good possibilities that could come from it.


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