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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decision that makes no sense

Kosmo was in his cave reading the annual boys basketball preview put out by main spy Keith D. and noticed something interesting in the league alignments. Troy was originally supposed to be in the OAA Red with James Young in the fold, but when Young transferred to Rochester, it was thought that Troy would be moved down to the White and Rochester would go up to the Red. It made sense, but for some reason, it didn't end up happening. Kosmo isn't sure who at Rochester spearheaded the decision to veto the move to the Red and stay in the White, but it was a horrible decision. Instead of seeing Young compete with the likes of Clarkston, Lathrup, North Farmington or Pontiac twice this season, the Falcons will stay in the second Division. Obviously whoever made the decision wasn't very considerate of Troy, either, which is terrible. Already reeling from Young's departure, the Colts now have the double whammy of having to compete in the OAA's top Division and essentially get blown out on a consistent basis. That is not right, especially when Rochester could compete in the Red with those teams. Again, Kosmo isn't sure who at Rochester was responsible for making this awful decision. If it was the AD, then he should know better. If it was the principal or any other administrator, it once again proves the point that administrators shouldn't be making athletic decisions. That's what athletic directors are for and if administrators aren't going to led AD's do their jobs, then what's the point of having them?


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