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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rough start to the spring

While last year's unexpected warm weather to start the spring turned out to be a bad thing for farmers around the state who saw crops ruined because of things blooming too early and re-freezing over, it obviously was heaven for spring sports teams. Just about everyone got a 2 to 3 week head start on the season because they were able to be outside on the first day of tryouts the second week of March. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has gotten revenge this year. It's a safe bet teams haven't had more than 5 days outside so far this season, which right now appears to be setting the shortest of the three preps seasons back even further. Kosmo was shocked to see a golf result on MIPrepZone this morning because the ground has to still be as hard as a rock, although the golf season will likely still have to wait a while to get going in full swing. Baseball and softball teams have had to delay starts to their season because of weather and even the sports that play in bad weather, track, soccer and lacrosse, have been affected. Lightning forced an early end to Tuesday's Stoney Creek-Troy game while even track teams have had to postpone meets because runners simply haven't gotten outside enough to condition and coaches rightfully don't want to risk injury. So far this spring, unfortunately the score is Mother Nature 1 month, spring sports teams 0.


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