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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A move up for Bishop Foley?

Kosmo couldn't be happier for the Madison Heights Bishop Foley baseball program, which did something no team in state history did on Saturday by becoming the first team to ever win three straight state championships. As has been reported, odds are great for a four-peat since the Ventures return just about everybody, which is why Kosmo is here to pose a question. Why doesn't Bishop Foley voluntarily move up to Division 1 or 2? The last three years Bishop Foley has been good enough to win those Divisions and they likely will again next year. Now that history has been made, there certainly is nothing left to achieve or prove in Division 3. In that case, a move up might be something to think about. There usually aren't many teams good enough to pull off a move like that, but this Bishop Foley baseball team sure is one of them.


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