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Friday, September 20, 2013

Games should be postponed

Kosmo is not pretending to be a weatherman here on a Friday morning in his cave, although maybe he should because in what other forecasting business can you still be wrong all the time and keep your job? Anyway, all kidding aside, your seer is looking at the radar for tonight and, well, let's just say the ducks will be happy. Not only is lots of rain in the forecast tonight, but thunder and lightning as well, which would put tonight's games in serious jeopardy of being completed. The same scenario existed in the first week of the season when several games were postponed due to thunderstorms and had to be resumed on Saturday. Odds are very good that would be the case again tonight, so the K-Man is just encouraging schools to just simply postpone the games to Saturday before the fact. Don't make teams go on bus rides and fans on road trips just to sit there in the rain. Don't open up stadiums and waste electricity just to have to be delayed. Don't allow players and coaches to get fired up and in mental preparation for a game, only to bring them back down emotionally. It's better to be safe than sorry, and with a good forecast in place for Saturday, just move the games to Saturday afternoon. Hopefully Kosmo is wrong and the weather turns out to be better than what it appears it will be at the moment. It won't be the first time a weather forecast didn't turn out to be true, but let's not take any chances just in case.


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