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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

List of potential replacements for Fracassa

It's time for your all-knowing one to have some fun, and have fun meaning adding some fuel to what should be the hottest topic throughout the season in high school football. That topic is more like a question, as in, who will replace Al Fracassa at Brother Rice? Kosmo is here to give his best guesses, although before he does, a few disclaimers. Actually it is the same disclaimer over and over again, but Kosmo needs to make himself as clear as his Krystal ball. The following are just Kosmo's GUESSES as to who would be good candidates. Kosmo HASN'T HEARD ONE WHISPER from ANYBODY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that these men are candidates or are even interested. Please don't accuse Kosmo of starting any troublee, because again, your seer HASN'T HEARD RUMORS OR TALK AT ALL about Fracassa's successor. Again, this is simply for fun and just Kosmo's best GUESSES and OPINION as to who would be good replacements. There is NO EVIDENCE your seer has that indicates any one of these people will be the next Brother Rice football coach. This is all to HAVE A LITTLE FUN. Got it? Thanks so much. Without further ado, here is the list. Scott Merchant, Chippewa Valley - A former player for Fracassa, Merchant is relatively young in his early 40's and is presiding over a large program that is a traditional power. It sounds like he has good credentials and Brother Rice does like hiring people within its family of alumns. Merchant is somebody who might fit a lot of what Brother Rice is looking for. Tony Patritto, Rochester Adams - A Catholic League guy since he used to coach at Bishop Foley, Patritto is one of the top coaches in the state who gets as much out of his players as anyone. He has the full respect of Fracassa and Brother Rice, given the battles the two schools have had over the years in the playoffs. Adams beat Brother Rice in the 2003 D2 state final and in a 2007 district final and suffered a narrow loss in the 2005 semifinals to Brother Rice. Kosmo has a feeling Brother Rice knows how good of a coach Patritto is. Kyle Zimmerman, Pontiac Notre Dame Prep - Might seem like a reach given Zimmerman is only in his early 30's. But he has shown by building Notre Dame Prep into a Division 4 powerhouse that he is one of the state's top young coaches. And also, Kosmo knows that about 45 years ago, Brother Rice took a chance on a rising coach at a smaller Catholic school, Royal Oak Shrine, by hiring him as its new football coach. His name? Al Fracassa. How did that work out? Dave Sofran, Fracassa's top assistant - If Brother Rice wants to go in-house to find a replacement, this good young coach would be the best candidate. Greg Carter, Oak Park - A coach with lots of state championships under his belt? Check. A coach with a ton of experience who used to coach in the Catholic League? Check. A coach that can groom future college players and will make sure talented players still come to the program? Yep. Jim DeWald, Birmingham Seaholm - Another coach who gets a lot out of his players, DeWald is just up the road and familiar with the area. Having success at Pontiac Northern, getting the most of a small roster at Andover and leading Seaholm to an 8-2 record last year has shown he can coach also. John Bechtel, Farmington - If Brother Rice favors an experienced, no-nonsense coach who flat-out gets it done wherever he goes, then there are few better than Bechtel. Another coach who gets a lot out of his talent and would do a lot with Brother Rice's talent. Dan MacLean, Country Day - Probably more of a reach since MacLean is an AD at one of the most affluent schools in the state in addition to being the football coach. But he is a former player of Fracassa and you never know. Thomas Wilcher, Cass Tech - Another long reach given all he means to Cass Tech, but again you never know. Wilcher is a confident individual who might relish taking over one of the top programs in the Midwest. And no doubt, talented players would come to Brother Rice to play for him. But Kosmo guesses there is a 99 percent chance he sticks with Cass Tech for a long time. Tom Mach (Catholic Central), George Porritt (St. Mary's) and John Herrington (Harrison)- OK, Kosmo has gone too far and is having too much fun. No way anyone of these three will be the next Brother Rice coach. But hey, why not end trying to be funny? After all, this is all just for fun.


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