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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reasons why Clarkston/Catholic Central will win

There are 3 teams left from Oakland County for this week's state football finals, and before Kosmo worries about whether he wants to eat light or dark turkey for Thanksgiving, he will break down the chances of each team. Since two are playing each other in the Division 1 final, Kosmo will start there. He will get to Brother Rice in a day or two, but for now he will get to 3 reasons why Clarkston will win and 3 reasons why CC will win. 3 reasons Clarkston will win 1) More college bound talent. Typically, talent wins out and Clarkston has more future Division I college players than CC. 2) Line play. As solid as CC is up front, Clarkston in the trenches, particularly on offense, is plowing over people right now. 3) Balance on offense. Pick your poison if you are CC. If you stack the box to stop Ian Eriksen, quarterback D.J. Zezula will torch you. Play the pass and here comes Eriksen. It's a good thing CC is a devout Catholic School because praying for Clarkston turnovers might be the only way to stop the Wolves. 3 reasons Catholic Central will win 1) They have been here before. While Clarkston will be new to Ford Field and the state finals, CC has been there the last two years. That could be a big problem for Clarkston, especially early. 2) The CC staple. CC usually wins with a power running game that grinds down opponents, and that will be a problem for a Clarkston defense that is vulnerable. More possession time for CC means less time for Clarkston's explosive offense. 3) Motivation. CC has felt the sting of losing in the finals the last two years and is determined to not let it happen again. As for Kosmo's prediction, well you will have to wait a couple days for that. Happy Thanksgiving.


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