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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Roster frustration

Often, Kosmo's spies come back to him with ludicrous complaints with the K-Man won't go into full detail in fear of embarassing them, but there are other times when the spies are right on when it comes to complaining.
Take the rosters schools are supposed to provide at sporting events.
It used to be that this wasn't a problem, but more and more, Kosmo is hearing stories about how schools don't provide rosters at games.
The problem is even rampant at football and basketball games.
What a shame.
Yes, these are hard economic times, and not printing rosters is a cost-cutting measure. Still, it's ultimately not good business. It makes it harder for Kosmo's spies to get correct names in the paper, which in turn make the parents very upset. Those same people look forward to seeing their kid's name in the paper and possibly clipping out any articles for scrapbook material.
However, if there's no roster, it makes it harder to identify players.
So hopefully the message is heeded to Athletic Directors around the county. Please provide rosters. You don't want Kosmo, and more importantly, parents and athletes, on your back.


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