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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There is such a thing as a good loss

Kosmo's good friends in Clarkston probably won't want to hear what he has to say right now, but too bad.
In the wake of Clarkston dropping its first game of the season in double overtime at West Bloomfield on Tuesday, the K-Man has one thing to say: Good.
This is the BEST thing that could've happened to the Wolves as they hope to finally advance to the state's final four.
It's nearly impossible to go through an entire season unbeaten, so if the basketball gods weren't going to catch up to the Wolves by the end of the regular season, they would've during the playoffs, probably before or in the quarterfinals.
Sure, it would've been nice to go unbeaten, but this loss should take a burden off of the Wolves and gives coach Dan Fife something to harp on them about at the right time.
- The latest update on the continuing soap opera at Oak Park. After a two-week suspension, Knights head coach George T. Ward returned to the bench in a win over Southfield on Tuesday. Seems funny that Ward is allowed to come back just as the playoffs start, but whatever. One player not coming back is K'Allante Miller, who used to be signed with Central Michigan. That was until CMU revoked his scholarship after Miller and another Oak Park student robbed three classmates at gunpoint last week over a game of dice.


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