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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A kiss of death?

So far this season, Kosmo has swelled with pride at the way the Clarkston boys basketbal team has been playing. Not only are the Wolves unbeaten, but they are manhandling opponents.
However, there likely will be a development soon that Kosmo doesn't like.
There's a great chance Clarkston will be the state's top-ranked team in Class A after Detroit Pershing lost last Tuesday.
As far as Kosmo is concerned, this is the last thing the Wolves need.
They've done fine as it is, and while Clarkston players and coaches will tell you they don't pay attention to rankings, they're lying.
Having that target on their banks can't be a good thing as Clarkston heads towards the playoffs and tries to break its quarterfinal hex, so here's hoping the Wolves lose at some point during the regular season.
That might be a drastic thing for Kosmo to say by hoping that they lose, but ultimately, that would be the best thing for Clarkston before the playoffs start.


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