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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sad days at Central

As much as Kosmo likes to be upbeat and positive, he can't help but be down at what's taking place around Pontiac Central, where morale right now has to be at an all-time low.
First, arguably the best representative of the school, athletic director Bill Glover, dies suddenly of a heart attack while exercising on a treadmill in November.
Now, in the midst of what should be the most exciting time of the year in Pontiac, basketball season, Central is in the midst of terrible years in both boys and girls.
Traditional powers in both, both the boys and girls teams at Central are currently winless.
Kosmo NEVER thought he'd see the day where each is winless nearly halfway through the season.
If all that weren't enough, there's a meeting on Monday where it's expected that the Pontiac school board will make it official that both Northern and Central are merging into one high school.
It breaks Kosmo's heart to see all this happening at what traditionally has been one of the most important high schools in Oakland County, but hopefully something positive will come out of it before too long.


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